Managing documents and information in a concise manner

Digital Dossier

  • arranges documents and business objects into concise virtual dossiers
  • consolidates information from various enterprise applications and archive systems
  • complements existing enterprise applications with additional document and dossier editing features
iDossier digital Dossier from inacta

provides efficient methods of linking documents to various types of information, presents them in a concise fashion, thus supporting case management.

Screenshot iDossier digital Dossier from inacta

The Most Important Features at a Glance:

  • Consolidation of documents from one or multiple archive sources into virtual dossiers
  • User-friendly search and filtering capabilities
  • Easy document management with integrated viewer, annotations, labelling and grouping
  • Auditable document life cycle due to the logging of all activities
  • Configurable export of dossiers and associated metadata

By providing a consolidated view, reduces search efforts thus enhancing the information and decision-making ability.

Business Process Overview

The processing of business transactions requires information and documents from various enterprise applications and archives. Gaining a comprehensive overview requires a complex consolidation of this data from various sources.

links documents and information to business transactions within a single application and presents them in a concise manner.

  • Structured view of business transaction dossiers
  • User-friendly and customisable search options
  • Display of additional dossier information from enterprise applications
  • Integrated document viewer


Companies must store documents and information systematically while always ensuring comprehensive oversight of all business transactions.

contributes to compliance requirements.

  • Auditable dossier management due to the logging of every access and modification
  • Systematic structuring of documents and information in a transactional context
  • Ensuring easy access to important information
  • Access control with integrated role-based administration

Flexible Architecture

Instant availability of information is a cornerstone to the efficiency of business. The logical consolidation of data and documents of various origins requires flexible architecture.

allows the linking of documents and additional information from various origins based on actual needs.

Architecture iDossier digital Dossier from inacta
  • Utilisation of existing interfaces for document and metadata access
  • Querying of additional information on business transactions (legacy data) via web services from enterprise applications.
  • Flexible configuration of dossier structures
  • Integration of existing authorisation infrastructures (SSO)

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